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 ====== Cloth simulation ====== ====== Cloth simulation ======
 +This is a simple cloth simulation in C++, OpenGL, GLSL. This is a spring-mass system with some eye-candy stuffs like per pixel lighting, shadow map. It also uses OpenMP for parallelization in critical parts.
-{{ videos:​tissue:​tissue1.ogv|videos:​tissue:​tissue1.webm|videos:​tissue:​tissue1.mp4| }}+===== Video =====
-{{ videos:​tissue:​tissue2.ogv|videos:​tissue:​tissue2.webm|videos:​tissue:​tissue2.mp4| }}+In this video, there is a wind force.
 +{{ videos:​tissue:​tissue1.ogv|videos:​tissue:​tissue1.webm|videos:​tissue:​tissue1.mp4| }}
 +In this one, one attach point of the cloth is moved by the user.
 +{{ videos:​tissue:​tissue2.ogv|videos:​tissue:​tissue2.webm|videos:​tissue:​tissue2.mp4| }}
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